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Lets Talk Texture with Megan!

December 15 2020


It’s 2020 (whew, what a year lol), let’s not talk about that lol, let’s talk about texture. By now all we see are beautiful brown girls rocking our natural curls. It amazes me how anytime I turn on the tv or scroll through social media I see so many beautiful textured styles. We’ve come along was from only thinking that relaxed or straight hair is the only acceptable style. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with getting your hair relaxed or wearing a straight style, you hair can style be healthy and beautiful, but it’s great to know that’s not the only option. As a textured curly girl myself, I like to switch my hair a lot. Some days especially during the fall/ winter months, I enjoy rocking my silk press styles ( straightened with a flat iron) or I may opt in for a twist our or wash n go. That’s the magic of our hair, it’s so versatile and we can rock so many different styles!

If you follow different haircare brands or blogs, you’re probably familiar with the curl types, ranging from 1-4 with a-c subcategories, with 1 being the straightest hair and 4 being a tight coil. My hair texture ranges from a 3c which is more on the wavy side to 4a with some ringlets as well. And yes you’re not alone if you notice different textures in your hair, once again that’s the magic of our hair! I have a 13 year old daughter with 3b hair which is more on the coily side. We both have beautiful textures, the only different is tighter coiled hair just requires a little more patience. It may take you a little longer to do because usually it requires taking smaller subsections which is perfectly ok.

While we are nourishing our own tresses, let’s not forget about our the young queens in the making. A lot of times our little ladies have more hair than mom, and sometimes it can become overwhelming and day long task. But again with time and patience and the right products, it gets easier and easier. One of my favorite styles on kids, is two strand twist. A great protective style that you can have fun with. So two strand twist are like plaits, but instead of separating the section by 3 pieces of hair, just use two pieces. This style can go along way, it can be styled just like braids, such as half up half down, high bun, or just a simple side part. The great thing about this style is that after you’ve rocked the two strand twist for a week or so, then can be carefully unraveled for a beautiful twist out. So two styles in one, and that can be styled as well, such as a half up/half down. 

Now that we’re in our fall/winter season, no better time then now for a silk press. We spent the summer battling the heat rocking our protective styles, I think it’s time for a length check and a accurate trim. As we know the shrinkage can be real, especially when you have a tighter, coily texture. Since we don’t have to worry about the humidity in the air, a good silk press should last you a full two weeks until your next trip to the salon. I know a lot of people are concerned with heat damage, don’t worry as a licensed professional, with proper training and tools, I can assure those curls will bounce right back. Along with your silk press, I highly suggest a trim during your service. Although we can trim hair in its natural state, when pressed out those unhealthy ends are a lot more visible. 

Let’s end 2020 with silky, curly, or coily, but most importantly, healthy hair!