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My Hair Loss Does NOT Define Me!

August 20 2021


September is Hair Loss Awareness Month.  We at Therapeutique are dedicating this month to helping women embrace who they are without allowing this condition to define them.

Hair loss can be traumatic, stressful, misunderstood and painful. 

Every woman wants to fell good and look great! 

That's exactly why our beauty professionals at Therapeutique are stepping up to answer questions, provide private consultations, and more. 

We are speaking directly to women who are experiencing:

- Postpartum Hair Loss
- Alopecia 
- Alopecia Areta 
- Cancer Survivors 
- Stress 
- Thinning hairline
- Traction Alopecia 

We will discuss the following topics:

- "Truth or Myth"
- "Why Hair Loss is on the rise" 
- "How did my Hair get here?"
- "What Now?"

Purchase your tickets today: Eventbrite

Ticket Includes:
- Healthy Hair Lunch 
- Scalp Consultation with a Trichologist
- Custom Unit Consultation 

We look forward to providing a safe and healthy space for you, your hair and your heart.